Three's In!***

This is the official web site of the Prisoners of War (POW)
from the Vietnam War era......

The seal of the 4th Allied POW Wing below was created in 1973 by one of our own - Col. Hervey S. Stockman, USAF (Ret.).  It depicts the colors of the United States and the Republic of Vietnam as well as the chained eagle, emblematic of the fighting men who were captured.

Pilots and their aircrews were captured mostly in North Vietnam and China while ground troops and civilians were captured in South Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia.

The designation "4th" was chosen by Wing Commander (and senior POW held in North Vietnam) Lieutenant General John Peter Flynn, USAF, because Vietnam was the fourth conflict in which Americans were held as POWs overseas.

***  During the flyover of a military "Missing Man Formation," aircraft #3 pulls abruptly out of the formation to signify the "missing man."  This web site is dedicated to the POWs who returned - we are back - "Three" is back in the formation.
                       Hence, "Three's In!"